Autumns fire burns brightly
A golden glow soaks the right side of her skin
Pale complexion
The left dark with a blue tinge
She stands amidst weary trees
Whose leaves crumble beneath her old boots

Blood, cotton and bones
Allow the heat spread through them
A warm embrace to stop her shivering
Her hair
Cut short in a hurry
The ends don’t meet yet stand
In defiance of the wind
Like ill placed horns

Broken earphones sit in her ears
They aren’t connected
Just a disguise to avoid the rest of humanity
She listens to the fire crackle like
Broken bone
Breath out small embers like that of a cigarette
They keep her company as they dance
And melt into the air
Her eyes close
Hips swaying

The scabs on her knuckles tell stories
Her mouth refuses to acknowledge
But her fists uncurl
Palms turn to welcome the flames
She can feel the smoke brush against her cheeks
While the burnt smells sinks into her lungs
No soul is needed tonight
Tears burn their paths down her face
But her knees do not buckle
The fire grows taller